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Re: The Dark Knight Returns animated movies news

I Liked It! I'm shocked.

The Good:
-It tells the story, as opposed to just hitting the main beats.
-It evokes rather than tries to directly copy Miller's panel work.
-The color scheme is nicely muted, no bright color popping like in Year One. Adds to the measured pace.
-Peter Weller was excellent.
-It Keeps the moral ambiguity. It sanded down the sharpest points of the book a bit, but it never comes out and declares that the Batman is an unequivocal good thing. That's one of the primary reasons DKR is superior to Watchmen.

The Bad:
-The 'heat wave breaking' sequence could have been more intense. Trying to keep close to the book, probably hurt this part the most.
-That 80s pseudo-slang was painful in the 80s

The Ugly:
-The GCPD Ventilation System leads directly into the sewer?
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