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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

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My theory with "Counterpoint" is that Janeway was manipulating Kashyk the whole time, and she used some seduction to do it. Come on, who can't see that Kashyk had the hots for her as well? There was sexual tension between the both of them in that episode.
Yes there was, and yes she did use seduction. But she didn't pull it out of nothingness, it was obviously based on some real sexual attraction, as was his actions. That's why the episode was so great, they both were playing a game that they both kind of wanted to fall for.
Exactly. The attraction was obviously mutual, and that's what makes the episode so interesting, because that attraction adds another layer to the tension and manipulation.

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But he's sorry.

He wishes to redeem himself!

I think Janeway genuinely held out some hope that he was authentically repentant and wanting to make amends.
Judging by the endgame of that episode, I would hardly call Kashyk "redeeming" in any sense of the word. More like a manipulative prick.

I'd agree that Janeway probably held out some hope that he was really good beneath all that Inspector leather, but she still kept her guard up.
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