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Rank the 2005 Doctor Who Companions

This seems to come up after a companion leaves, so I figured, keep the tradition alive. Now that we've completed Rory and Amy's story, how would you rank the companions now. If you want to rank them based on the classic series as well, that's fine, but I've only seen the show for 7 years so I figured go back at least that far.

For me:

Donna - She started out annoying, but got really really great in the 4th season, and Catherine Tate played her really really well.

Rory - I think I was more fascinated by Rory than I was Amy. Rory didn't take any guff from the Doctor, and he was faithful to Amy to the very end

Rose - She was the original, so I had to keep her in the top three. Billie Piper played her well and if they did bring her back for the 50th anniversary, that's a way they could bring back David Tennant too since that version of the Doctor has been living with her all this time, or so we still believe.

Captain Jack - I'm not sure he qualifies as a companion, but they span off his own show because of his Doctor Who appearance. He was a great character on both shows.

Amy - She was OK, but looking back, did she really grow at all as a character? I guess she'll always be the girl who waited.

Martha - I was mentioning in the Angels Take Manhatten thread that I feel a bit bad for Martha. She's almost like the forgotten companion, yet she I think got the best deal out of all of them. She got to stay with her family, joined Torchwood for a time, and worked for Unit. The reason I placed her last was because of the whole oogling for the Doctor theme that seems to recur a lot. Still, she wasn't a bad companion by any stretch.
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