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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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Let's look at the two statements where you inferred there is no will, then hate on the Senate because they support SLS--well, that's political will.
Political will to BUILD the thing, not to send it anywhere special. The Senate didn't order that rocket because they want to send Americans into space, they ordered the rocket because they wanted to keep the KSC workforce employed. Thus they do not care when or IF the SLS ever flies; they have specifically insisted that NASA must continue to spend the money on it whether they want to or not, whether they NEED to or not, whether it returns Americans to space sooner or forces us to rely on the fucking Russians for an extra ten years.

Congress has been much more friendly to BEO and the LVs it will require than in the past.
No, Congress is friendly to shuttle-derived boondoggles that score them political points. If the the Vehicle Assembly Building was a giant washing machine, Congress would order the world's largest pair of boxer shorts just to give the KSC workforce something to do.

Let's take a look at the November 7, 2011 issue of Aviation Week...
More spam. Let's not.

The problem is that no one is calling for hypergolics.
Strictly speaking, that's because no one is calling for propellant depots. So far it's just a design concept that hasn't been seriously developed or tested and no funding has been offered or asked for to seek a feasibility study.

I don't buy that at all--at all.
Good for you, but I'm not selling it. Commercial spaceflight projects get their approvals not from NASA, but from the FAA. NASA's current usefulness is as a relatively finicky and high-strung consumer of services; they have about as much control of the spaceflight industry as YOU have over mpeg encoding standards.

NASA which supports SLS
Correction: NASA has been ordered to build the SLS. To say they SUPPORT it is a whole different question.

Depot folk--are also a handful of people with strong opinions.
Good for them. THEY aren't doing any serious work in space either and I don't really give a shit what they think until they do.
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