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Re: TNG episodes that would've been interesting to see on TOS

Ooops! I got my plots mixed up. If the time-travelled ship were Captain April's prototype NX-1701 Enterprise, then the battle that threw him forward would have to be either the Battle of Donatu V or the Battle of Axanar; if he found that the loss of his ship (mysteriously disappearing from the battle in the Valiant-A's records) left Fleet Captain Garth's prototype Constitution vulnerable to two Klingon D-5 cruisers, and if he looks around and sees the loss of those prototypes stagnated the fleet and that the newer ships are essentially just jerry-rigged copies over twenty years later, he and his XO must conclude that with the Coalition in chaos and the situation hopeless they are better off going back and taking a stand with Garth to hopefully change history.
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