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Re: TNG episodes that would've been interesting to see on TOS

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-Regarding the Drumhead, I don't know if I'd want to see Kirk and Spock against each other. Seeing Kirk brought to trial in a which hunt and giving that speech is intruiging, given there was still some of the Cold War paranoia that had led to McCarthyism just over a decade earlier. Not sure what past events they might reference that would be a "low blow", analagous to Satie bringing up Picard's ordeal with the Borg.
I agree that it would be difficult to find something in Kirk's past as painful as Picard's experience with the Borg, unless of course "The Best of Both Worlds" really did happen in The Original Series timeline as we're speculating. Short of that scenario, I could see someone bringing up Kirk's failure to destroy the cloud creature that killed most of the USS Farragut's crew, the events of "Court Martial," his involvement in Gary Mitchel's death, etc. These don't quite compare to assimilation, but they were difficult experiences for Kirk, and may suffice.

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I was thinking about "Captain's Holiday", but decided against it. Now the show never did anything as radical as sending Kirk off on vacation, but that's not why. The fundamental difference is that Picard was a reluctant participant in the storyline, whereas Kirk would've jumped in with both feet and bedded Vash before the first act.
Suppose the episode featured McCoy instead of Kirk. I wonder if that would better, given McCoy's tendency toward grumpiness.

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I don't think "Disaster" as it was, would've worked, because A) No kids on Kirk's Enterprise B) No android with a removable head, and C) No way is there enough budget to show people in the shuttlebay, let alone a fire in it. That being said, the core premise of the ship being crippled in some accident and the crew coping in various areas could've been done. (DS9 basically did it too with "Starship Down").
Agreed. I think "Disaster" would have to be different for each of the reasons you mentioned, but a similar episode is feasible.

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-The Defector could work with a good actor. Could work wth Klingons or Romulans. Only problem is, I don't know what Kirk's ace in the hole would be. (No Klingon allies!)
I struggled with that, as well. I suppose a means to hide Federation vessels in the vicinity of the Enterprise could have been devised. Perhaps this episode could have occurred as a follow-up to the events of "The Enterprise Incident," as we never saw the fate of the Romulan Commander on screen, nor do we know what happened to the cloaking device.

The cloak could have been adapted for use on a Federation ship, with Charvanek as its captain (the idea being that the title of "The Defector" would have a double-meaning, as Charvanek would be revealed as having defected to the Federation following "The Enterprise Incident"). Given Spock's relationship with her, it's not hard to imagine that she would be willing to aid the Enterprise against a group of Klingons, an essential reversal of the scenario seen in TNG.
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