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Re: TNG episodes that would've been interesting to see on TOS

I like to think that TNG's "The Survivors" actually spoke in a decidedly TOS tone. That show was strongly reminiscent of TOS. To an extent, so did "Where Silence Has Lease" (written by Jack Sowards, who I believe was involved in TMP2) and also "Up the Long Ladder", "The Enemy", "The Defector" and "First Contact", as well as DS9's "The Search" two-parter.

The ultimate retcon job would be to imagine "Yesterday's Enterprise", very patently a TNG story, as a TOS story. While it might be interesting to imagine an earlier Starship Enterprise (maybe Archer's NX-01?), it would work to see any early Federation Starship (maybe the Valiant?) accidentally skipping forward in time and altering history in the process. Imagine if the fifty-year-old U.S.S. Valiant had not been destroyed at Eminiar VII, but instead the intensity of the battle in the Eminiar system accidentally threw the Valiant forward in time... into either Klingon or Romulan space... triggering a major incident. If the Valiant wouldn't work, it might be interesting to see an older, prototype Enterprise, NX-1701, having been called into service for either the Battle of Axanar or the Battle of Donatu V, and the battle's energy expenditure threw the Enterrpise's older self forward... to meet either an Enterprise-A or Kirk commanding some other Connie on behalf of some beleaguered, diminished Federation whose members are at odds with each other.

(A thought just occurred to me: the earlier NX-1701 Enterprise could have been thrown forward minimally damaged, only to encounter and rescue the Valiant-A, a Coalition of Planets starship commanded by Spock, himself a Coalition flag officer with a human XO named Kirk. Spock is concerned about fleet maneuvers to head off a Romulan invasion, when the early-Enterprise suddenly flies in from Klingon space after riling the Klingons. Now Captain Robert April must decide if his duty is to report to Spock and help repel the invasion, or to go back in time to face the Eminian music and probably die.
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