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Re: TNG episodes that would've been interesting to see on TOS

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The Drumhead: Okay, the late 60's wasn't quite as paranoid as the early 50's had been, still a story of an accident turned witch-hunt would've been rather timely back then. It's hard to imagine an episode where Kirk doesn't get in a fist fight with someone. It might've been a bit harder to take that whole "the chain is forged" speech coming out of Shatner than Patrick Stewart. Satie would probably be a man, since most people probably wouldn't buy a female admiral (even one as sketchy as her). J'Dan would probably be some other species, and Simon Tarses' ancestry would probably be some other species (Klingon perhaps? The smooth foreheads make it doable).
I actually think it would have been interesting with Spock in the role of Picard, as opposed to Kirk. Perhaps the visiting admiral could pit Kirk and Spock against each other, with Kirk representing the prosecution, and Spock, the defense. I have no problem with Tarses' ancestry remaining Romulan, as it may provide motivation for Spock to defend him. Additionally, I think Chekov would have functioned well in Worf's place as the overzealous officer determined to find the conspiracy aboard the Enterprise.

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The Wounded: I can only imagine what Cardassian prosthetics might've looked like, but the tensions between the Feds and an old enemy, plus a respected captain gone rogue could've worked. I could see Scotty in the O'Brien role, talking his old captain down.
Agreed, though I don't know if the Cardassians would make sense as the race in question. Given the history between Earth and Romulus, maybe this would have been another opportunity to include them.

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Q Who and The Best of Both Worlds: Suppose Trelane or some other powerful being flung the Enterrpise towards that first cube? I would imagine the idea of some half man/half machine race coming to get you would've been just as unsettling in the 60's. Only thing is there'd be no character like Guinan to be familiar with them. As for the cliff hanger, could they have assimilated Kirk and had Spock give the order to fire? I can already imagine McCoy berating him for that. What if it were Spock, instead and Kirk had to give that order, hmmm? Only thing is I can't, for the life of me, picture a character like Shelby on the original series. (Oh, and no Data might complicate things, unless Spock did a mind meld).
You should read my thread about this, as I asked what Spock may have done in Riker's place had Kirk been captured by the Borg. Interesting enough, I don't know if it makes more sense for McCoy to berate Spock for firing on the Borg cube, or if he would be better suited for playing the Guinan role in this situation. I can easily envision a scene in which Spock wanders into Kirk's empty quarters and stairs at his chair, asking, "What would do you do, Jim?"

I don't know that a character like Shelby would have been necessary, as there was never a push (either on or off screen) for Spock to have his own command, but if the inclusion of an outsider were needed, I actually think this would have been a convenient time to introduce Willard Decker, as he would have been at least a lieutenant commander by the time The Original Series aired. Ironically, perhaps Decker's actions in helping to protect the Enterprise would have served as incentive for Kirk to recommend him as his replacement prior to The Motion Picture.

Other episodes that may have worked include "The Defector," "Family," "Sins of the Father" (with a Vulcan theme), "Redemption" (also with a Vulcan theme), "Face of the Enemy" (Uhura on a Klingon ship, perhaps), "Captain's Holiday," "The Price," (Cyrano Jones is stranded in the Delta Quadrant), "A Matter of Time," "Disaster," "The Chase," "Starship Mine," "The Inner Light" (though I like the idea of Spock in Picard's place), and "The Pegasus" (perhaps with Sulu in Riker's place).
-Regarding the Drumhead, I don't know if I'd want to see Kirk and Spock against each other. Seeing Kirk brought to trial in a which hunt and giving that speech is intruiging, given there was still some of the Cold War paranoia that had led to McCarthyism just over a decade earlier. Not sure what past events they might reference that would be a "low blow", analagous to Satie bringing up Picard's ordeal with the Borg.

I was thinking about "Captain's Holiday", but decided against it. Now the show never did anything as radical as sending Kirk off on vacation, but that's not why. The fundamental difference is that Picard was a reluctant participant in the storyline, whereas Kirk would've jumped in with both feet and bedded Vash before the first act.

-I don't think "Disaster" as it was, would've worked, because A) No kids on Kirk's Enterprise B) No android with a removable head, and C) No way is there enough budget to show people in the shuttlebay, let alone a fire in it. That being said, the core premise of the ship being crippled in some accident and the crew coping in various areas could've been done. (DS9 basically did it too with "Starship Down").

-I'm sure something like "The Chase" would've outraged religious types.

-Given that neither Sulu, nor Uhura (or Chekov, for that matter) were the focus of an episode, it's hard to imagine them getting one.

-The Defector could work with a good actor. Could work wth Klingons or Romulans. Only problem is, I don't know what Kirk's ace in the hole would be. (No Klingon allies!)

-Not sure the Romulans would work for "The Wounded", since it theirs was a slightly different relationship with the Feds: Isolated by a buffer of space, rather than an uneasy peace. And if it was the Romulans, Starfleet would look pretty silly for not believing Maxwell, considerig they did attack in "Balance of Terror".
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