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I think the whole concept got too loopy.

At first they were these mysterious aliens, who were hard to figure out, and it did look like Bajor was on the verge of planet wide religious fanaticism and infighting.

Then it settles down, everyone believes in the same way.

Later they introduce the Pah Wraiths- former Prophets that were evil and gave Bajorans 'false visions'.

One of them possesses Keiko and tries to resume their celestial war with the Prophets.

It was obvious Trek was trying to create a similarity between the biblical demons from the bible.

Then later they introduced 'The Evil One', Kosst Amojan, which is obvious an analogy to Satan.

They have a supernatural showdown in front of everybody, so even the mysteriousness is gone.

Was DS9 trying too hard to draw a parallel between the Bajoran religion and the bible?

I always found the Prophets interesting, but the supernatural, spiritual showdon at the end was a bit too much for me.

I wondered if they could written the whole thing in a different way, ala Star Wars, or in some other Sci Fi Way.
Too be fair, the Bajoran religion seems like a combination of Eastern and Abrahamic religions.

Sure they have demons like most of the Abrahamic religions did, but the Bajoran religion is polytheistic, rather monotheistic. Also even Eastern religions have concepts of demons: in Shintoism you have Tengus and Oni demons, in Norse mythology you had ice giants and trolls and other mythological evil creatures.

Also the Bajoran religion seemed to have a caste system at one point, similar to the Hindu caste system. So the Bajoran religion is not just based off Abrahamic religions.
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