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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

Well, I found this to be a massively underwhelming episode in most regards. It just felt like none of it mattered or had any substance to it, because it was really only about the departure of the Ponds. All the stuff with Grayle, the actual scenes with the Angels, the dodgy explanations behind it all... It all came across as hand waving, filler content to pad the episode out until it reached the conclusion and got rid of Amy and Rory.

The Doctor was also one of the surplus to requirements elements, actually! What did he really do in this episode, besides sitting or standing about with his head in his hands, lamenting that he couldn't do anything? Given the outrageous and shameless cheating that Moffat did in last season's finale, it was a bit hard to swallow this sudden helplessness on his part. It all felt a bit 'These are the Voyages...' in terms of how the heroes apparently lost their usual resourcefulness, and just blundered about.

Like that ending scene in the graveyard. 'Hooray, we've won - we're all as happy as clams, ra ra ra! Oh, we're off to see the wizard...' Well, nice going there, heroes. Just assume you've won, don't bother to actually check or anything...
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