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Re: College Football 2012

Oklahoma State is just about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in SPECTACULAR fashion on their own home field.

Oklahoma State has Texas on 4th and 6 deep in its own territory, holding on to a 2 point lead instead of a touchdown lead because OK State's star running back can't punch it into the endzone for the only time of the night.....and after three spectacular stops Oklahoma State's defense cannot hold and allows Texas's QB to escape tackle after tackle and launch a pass for a 25 yard gain. Texas scores 20 seconds later.

Oklahoma State's defense SUCKS donkey balls. You had the number 10 team in the nation on its knees and you cannot hold them on 4th and 6. The punchline? The replay clearly shows that the Texas runner had the ball pop loose before it crossed the plane of the goal line, but the refs didn't overturn it. The FOX news announcers agree that it should have been a fumble going back to Oklahoma State.

Too bad Oklahoma State's defense couldn't hold them deep on 4th and 6 to make it a moot point. This SUCKS!!!!!!!!! The Texas running back wasn't celebrating the touchdown. He knew he fumbled. His body language gave it away.

Geez Louise--if Oklahoma State had an average defense, or barely average, they'd have won. They had to start their backup QB JW Walsh becuase their starter dislocated his knee cap 2 weeks ago and couldn't practice. Walsh performed brilliantly. Teams would kill to have a backup QB as good as Walsh. And it all goes for nothing becuase the defense cannot tackle for shit. 36 points and 580+ yards of total offense for OK State and they still lose on their home field.


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