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Re: Religion & DS9

Maybe in all Abrahamic religions, but in an alien one millions of miles away?

I can see if the Pah Wraiths simply had a different agenda than the Prophets, and didn't care about corporeal beings one way or the other.

But they specifically had to be evil. And with the flames and the red color...because blue equals peaceful, and red equals evil dontcha know

Here's a quote of how the whole thing got started;

ROM:.......Pah-wraiths used to live in the wormhole. They were part of the Celestial Temple.

........False Prophets... They were castout of the Temple. Exiled to the caves, they were imprisoned in crystal fire cages and forbidden to ever return "lest they face the Wrath of the True Prophets."
And then their motive-they go from mysterious alien energy beings unconcerned with our realm, to wanting to conquer it;

DUKAT: Soon the Pah-wraiths will burn across Bajor, the Celestial Temple, the Alpha Quadrant... Can you picture it?
A universe in flames, burning brightly for all eternity.
I wonder if they could have told the story in another way, without the religious analogies.

I like weird story telling, something totally different, like how they did with the Force in Star Wars and such.

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