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Re: Things found in your kitchen.

Apple-peeler--very useful when baking apple pies.

Cherry de-stoner--very useful when supplying Hubby with cherries when he has gout (yeah, he gets gout)

Mandolin--but not used so much, since Hubby has cut himself and I don't trust him around it.

Corn cob holders--but I cut off the kernels with a knife

Egg-slicer--useful when making potato salad and for puncturing eggs before boiling them

Jar un-screwer--I have little hands, so big jars can be difficult, even with this.

Potato peeler--don't most people have at least one?

Ice cream scoop

Oven Thermometer--well, yeah

Strawberry huller--useful when hulling MANY berries at one time, and can also be used for tomatoes, though I usually use a knife

Manual juicer--I juiced and froze a BUNCH of lemons from my tree

Pineapple corer/slicer--as described by another poster

Ricer--for ricing boiled potatoes, because I like my potatoes like I like my men...smooth

WHAT is a banana box?
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