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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
What I don't get is why did River write the book that way? Is she compelled to disclose the full and complete facts?
Well, she is if the facts have compelled others to act on them.

Ghost Bones wrote: View Post
So there's a building in New York full of Weeping Angels but if you make a paradox (if that's what it even as) in it it magically resolves everything except one in a graveyard.
Actually, it resolved everything. The gravestone is just separate from the stuff in that house (I don't even know how someone would get buried if they die in that house, since they seem to get trapped there).

About filming in America. I think it's cool when it works for the story (and I thought it worked here, both the detective thing and because, cheesey or not, a giant Angel Statue of Liberty is fucking awesome). Part of the appeal of Doctor Who is its British-ness and that's not going to change, but having Americans watch the show is good for everyone.
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