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Re: The theme song is just atrocious

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I never minded having "Faith of the Heart" as a theme song, though I tend to agree it's a bit on the cheesy power ballad side. But I always liked the idea of breaking away from TNG/DS9/VOY-era Trek's addiction to instrumental themes. It was a good idea for Star Trek to try to break away from its cliches and to maybe be a bit edgier, a bit more rock'n'roll. I didn't care for the execution, but I liked the concept.
I posted my first reply before the forum would let me post it.

I just now saw this.

I think the instrumental/ classical like sound was perfect. Timeless as I said
Instrumental/"classical" music is not timeless. It is in fact a product of a very specific culture and a very specific era in history, as any History of Music class would make clear.

and I think its more accessible to people. Where as a rock or jazz or hiphop theme might be said to pander to a certain audience.
You could make such an argument about jazz or hip-hop, but given the overwhelming dominance of rock'n'roll on American popular music over the past 50 years, I just don't think that's a reasonable thing to say about rock'n'roll.

And the argument that Star Trek should just do the same thing over and over again for the sake of "accessibility" is essentially an argument against creative experimentation and evolution. That sort of thinking, if applied too broadly, leads to creative stagnation and audience fall-off.

Which is not, mind you, to say that there's no room for instrumental music in Star Trek. ST09 made heavy use of it. But ST09 also made use of the Beastie Boys -- Abrams's team proved themselves willing to experiment and evolve and branch out even in things like music, and the result was one of the strongest, most invigorating Star Trek scores in decades.

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