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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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Actually, that rock is quite clearly the one in Central Park. In fact, all of the stuff in the park is quite clearly Central Park. The fountain, the area where Rory is taken, the bridge, all of it. It's Central Park.

And could have been shot in Cardiff with the background CGI'd in (like they did in plenty of other shots in the episode.)
They only reason they went is Moffat's obsession with appealing to the tiny American audience.

Clearly not

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As to appealing to the "tiny American audience", Who has had a HUGE pop-culture impact, Who references are in the media a lot these days. Why not build on that?
Because he's not paid to boost BBC America's ratings. He's paid to make a show for British License Fee payers.

Since when did people start getting possessive of "Doctor Who" being only for the British?

Are you saying expansion of the show's audience to an emerging market is bad?

I just met about 7 or 8 Doctor Who fans at my local community college here in Iowa. When we have free time we watch the latest episodes.

A "Doctor Who" club was just approved by some students.
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