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"The Next Generationís 25 Years With Ronald Moore"

“There was definitely a sense that The Next Generation was the Star Trek stepchild that nobody liked,” the Emmy-winning Moore told Wired by phone in a warp-9 interview about the series’ highlights and lowlights. “I’d go to conventions and see bumper stickers, T-shirts and paraphernalia basically saying that there was only one true Star Trek, and it wasn’t us.” By 1994 — when The Next Generation capped seven seasons with the poignant, Hugo-winning series finale “All Good Things …” — the show had become the Star Trek franchise’s shining light, a critical and commercial television success.
Thirteen episodes is a good comfortable number now. It was difficult doing 22 episodes of Battlestar Galactica. In fact, it was a marathon. I don’t know how in the hell we did 26 a year for The Next Generation. I do remember being exhausted at the end of every season, when we got two weeks off, which we had to beg Rick Berman for
I’d argue that in the last few decades in America, when people are asked what they hope the future will look like, they still turn to Star Trek. They hope we put aside our differences and come together as humanity, that we rise above war, poverty, racism and other problems that have beset us.
There were other stumbles, such as way too much Treknobabble overall in the series. It was always one of my chief criticisms, so much so that when I approached Battlestar Galactica I swore that I would never do endless scenes of technobabble to explain and resolve scenes.
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