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Re: Alyson Hannigan: Babe of the week #40 (Oct. 2012)

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And I can't stand her character Lily - I know an actor is not necessarily their character, but wow, Lily makes that show unmatchable for me: self centred and incredibly manipulative.
Having just gotten caught all the way up to the season 8 premiere, I'm curious - what do you base these comments/characterizations on? I've been a fan of the series from the beginning, and I've never seen Lily that way, so I'm curious about how you've come to this assessment.
First thing that comes to mind was an ep in s1 or 2, where Ted lost a girlfriend, didn't know why at first, then found out it was because Lily planted an earring in his bed, because she couldn't see herself spending any time/their mutual old age together. It was nothing to do with her - you love who you love and Lily should just have sucked it up. There was also the ep which featured Amy's Glare of Death, or whatever the hell it was called, where she would glare at people and they'd vanish is a puff of tremble. Yes, I know it was metaphorical, but that she even glares at people just because they don't do as she asks is just, to me, narcissism in the extreme.

There are more, that's the first two I thought of, and I can't be arsed sitting through some eps again to find more.

And I'm not going to start about the hoops she makes Marshall jump through, or I'd never stop.

She's okay as an actress, but that character makes me shudder.

And I know I'm in the minority on this, and that's fine, it is a smart and funny show, but it's an issue I have with Lily.
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