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Home lighting.

Beginning at the time I acquired my first soldering iron, I've been trying to control the lighting in my abode to suit my needs at any time.

It was relatively simple to make your own dimmers (and A LOT cheaper than buying them (at that time anyway)) and coloured lamps (~bulps) have been around for, well almost, ever.

It didn't really occur to me how important lighting was, to anyone but myself, until I read about it in Inge Eriksens SciFi: "The Paradise Machine" (1989) where one of the main characters had the good fortune to have her apartment lights installed by a lighting engineer she could not have afforded any more, at the time of the story, as he had become the favourite specialist of the ruling classes.

Sure, both Inge and I are Danes and therefore live in a cold and dark forbidding place where good lighting is paramount: Candles are widely used every day around here, as are dimmers (well, they were back in the day before CFLs ruined it all!) and architect-designed lamps (google "PH-lamp" if you don't believe me ).

Whatever, if you ever watched an interior-design show you know what I'm talking about.

Recently I purchased some of Ikeas "Dioder"-lamps.

I have installed one between the windows and the shades in my living room, giving the effect that light is coming from outside whenever I have the shades down and it's actually night.

Here's the modern twist: As LEDs are storming into our homes as primary light source, so are all the properties of the LEDs i.e. the colours!

Last night I had an AHA-moment when this simple trick was able to fool my mind into thinking it was daybreak when, in fact, it was just the colour, I'd set the lamp to, coming from beyond the shades.

When I set the light to a different colour (say in the red part of the spectrum) it makes my home appear like a brothel from the outside though

I'm curious: how do you light (the inside of) your home? - any tricks you'd like to share?

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