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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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I'm sorry, but I called every single point of this episode the second it was first announced, called the Statue of Liberty thing last week AND the emotional climax was ripped straight from Blink down to the dialogue. I mean seriously, it was a carbon copy of Blink.

Weak, weak stuff.
If you didn't enjoy it, you didn't enjoy it. But what does that have to do with your ability to call plot points in advance? I don't get it. It is fairly easy to write a totally unpredictable story, but do we really want that?
I am not a writer. If my dumb brain can come up with the exact same situation from the exact same parameters then I'm disappointed. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship kept me in suspense at least, even if there was nothing really being said or done for a purpose. Lifting the exact same premise from Blink (Sally Sparrow's friend) for the big event episode is kind of weak in my opinion.

Also, the giant statue of liberty angel was just stupid looking and doesn't gel with a believable story. I believe that 300 years from now a ship called Enterprise could probably be flying out there. I believe the US Air Force could have kept a secret wormhole machine beneath Cheyenne Mountain. The suspension of disbelief only holds if you adhere to the rules of the world you create. Stone Angels now includes a giant bronze statue which is the most looked at object in the world that can stomp its way around New York causing small Earthquakes and no one looks outside a window causing it to stop in its path? Wha? Considering they filmed this episode in New York, it was missing a huge part of the reason New York is such an amazing place - the people. Whats the point of filming there if your just limiting your action to the top of a rock in a nondescript park and the inside of an apartment building?
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