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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

My nephew named his baby daughter "Bristol," after his favorite raceway. I guess he's never seen Benny Hill. This kid ever goes to England in her adult years, she's in for it.

Christopher - yeah, most of those other things don't bother me (much - placing Arthur anywhere but the 6th century is just wrong!). Maybe I just have a been in my bonnet over Holmes. I love the Brett series SO much, it's become the defining Holmes for me.

Oh - Modernized Shakespeare is another thing that bugs me. I recently caught the Ethan Hawke "Hamlet". Didn't like it, nossir. Brannaugh's Hamlet is fairly borderline for me - setting it in 19th century Denmark just made me keep thinking "what about whoever was REALLY in charge there at the time? are we saying they didn't exist?"

I know, I know, sometimes I need to suspend disbelief and let art flow and all that. I usually have no problem. It's just certain things.
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