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Re: The theme song is just atrocious

The opening theme for Enterprise is fucking horrible. There is no other way to state that. Especially when compared to the intros of the other series. The problem is plenty of people do judge books by their covers so to speak. Seriously the other intros may be cheesy but I think their sound is a bit more timeless. Enterprises intro is extremely cheesy and makes it dated.

I really like Enterprise so far. Im almost done with Season 1. But whoever picked out that intro, fuck you.
Alright, I think this makes a good first post. :-)

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I never minded having "Faith of the Heart" as a theme song, though I tend to agree it's a bit on the cheesy power ballad side. But I always liked the idea of breaking away from TNG/DS9/VOY-era Trek's addiction to instrumental themes. It was a good idea for Star Trek to try to break away from its cliches and to maybe be a bit edgier, a bit more rock'n'roll. I didn't care for the execution, but I liked the concept.
I posted my first reply before the forum would let me post it.

I just now saw this.

I think the instrumental/ classical like sound was perfect. Timeless as I said and I think its more accessible to people. Where as a rock or jazz or hiphop theme might be said to pander to a certain audience.
TNG was the first startrek I watched and maybe its a bit of nostalgia but I've always loved that theme. All 3 of the 90s ones actually. I think its much more inspiring.
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