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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

Average; continues a trend from the prior episode of mixing stuff I really like with stuff I really don't.

- Baby Angels, Statue of Liberty, seeing the Angels back generally (they're easily the best new Who villain)
- The pre-title sequence
- The scenes with River meeting the rich collector, revealing the Angel in chains, her texting the Doctor and the Doctor joining her and the wrist-breaking bit.
- the kickass massively-bellied lapels on the collector's double-breasted suit.
- Finally, no more Amy! (minor bonus side-effect, no more Rory)

- rushed story, which made it difficult to follow exactly what was going on at times. Like last week's ep, this would have been better either as a 2-parter (hell, I think the core concept was strong enough to be stretched into a classic Who style 4 or 6 parter).
- the last few minutes with the Doctor reading Amy's letter from the past reminded me too much of Marty reading the Doc's letter in BTTF II to view on its own merits. Even with my knowing this wasn't a 2-parter, I still half-expected that when the Doctor revisted young Amy, he'd say, "I'm back, back from the future!" and enlist her aid in saving older Amy's life somehow, followed by a big "To Be Contined"...

As an aside, I think my biggest issue with modern Who (esp. Smith era) is that I'm not a fan of companions being the centre of stories and the Doctor acting so overly emotional around them. I prefer them as supporting cast in a majority of episodes.

I'm very much looking forward to Oswald as a companion though; even if she becomes a central character in the way companions do these days, I think she's going to have some good banter with the Doctor and hold her on in an intelligent/witty way with him, similar to how River does and the personified TARDIS did in that episode from last year. Asylum was the best episode of this season by a mile and she was the best thing in Asylum, so I'm looking forward to seeing how she does as a full companion.
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