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Re: Why No "Captains' Table" Story For Robau?

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Will President Bacco ever address an Monchezkean during Council session?
Depends on the authors, and how sharp the people scrutinizing at CBS Licensing are, if there's a problem. There's no ban on referencing the new movie and Monchezkea wasn't actually mentioned onscreen in the last movie so it's not "canonical". What scrutineer is going to red pencil the term and add a note, "Please choose another planet name; Star Trek has not established that this planet exists in the 24th century universe of Star Trek." Richard Arnold doesn't scrutineer the manuscripts any more.

Peter David used to love slipping things past RA!

Or Keenser's people?
Hard to reference a race without a name. But... his origins are due to be explored in the next comic! (I actually thought he looked a bit like the desert dwellers of "Nemesis", where the B-4 parts were retrieved.)

I like species consistency. Where species don't just exist for one novel/episode but are part of the universe (positive example: Zaldans). Even though the timelines are separate, these species must exist in both.
Sure and it'll happen. We didn't see many of the ST III bar aliens ever resurface because no one ever named them. Arex and M'Ress's species names came from a Lincoln Enterprise's mini-biographies and Alan Dean Foster's episode adaptations of TAS. TMP's alien races were named by Robert Fletcher, the costume designer, and ST IV's aliens were named by FASA's RPG sourcebook for ST IV (and a lone photo caption by Kirk Thatcher of an Efrosian on an official publicity still, preserving the Mel Efros homage).

When/if the JJ aliens end up with species/planet names, it's easier for the book authors to acknowledge those aliens.
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