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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #62: Back to Basics...

Sisko: "Oh, I know what happens. The Titanic sinks."

Kira: "Would you think before you talk? You just ruined it for the rest of us."

Klingon on left: "After you went to the men's room, that chick you were talking to said she likes you. Should I tell her you like her, too?"

Martok: "Well, I really need more information. Does she like me or does she like me?"

Klingon on right: "Don't be silly. She likes you. And she also wants to know whether you're free for the prom. What should I tell her?"

Martok: "Well, the sock hop is the same day, and I already invited Betty Lou to that. Poor me--why can't I be going steady with some gal--and then I wouldn't have to make these tough decisions."
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