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Re: Spock & Spock Prime: Was the Torch Successfully Passed?

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It really just portrayed the contrast between the two to me... the devastated look on Nimoy's face as Vulcan is destroyed versus Qunito's Spock screaming in rage as he strangles Kirk... it just didn't seem the same character to me.
Well there was a 130 year age gap there. I know 20 year old BillJ and the 40 year old one are two distinct people.
I just said it illustrated the difference between the two characters to have them both on screen together. ST09 and TOS weren't a 130 years apart in their years set. It would be what? 10 years at best. You can defend the differences between Shatner and Pike's versions of Kirk given the daddy issues growing up(even though dad was so important prime Kirk never once mentioned him), but by all accounts both Spocks should have had the same childhood.

20 year old R. Star and 30 year old R. Star while not exactly the same are still going to have the same core characteristics.
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