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Re: 2012 Rugby Championship thread

And again I haven't seen the game, but it sounds like I don't much want to either. Looks like my (somewhat facetious) remark above about fielding a side full of newbies will come true at this rate.

As for Cooper...just when I thought he couldn't possibly be a more complete waste of space, he manages to plumb new depths. Claims the Wallaby environment is "toxic" but when pressed for examples gibbers something about training facilities. Doesn't have the backbone to make his claims to anyone of relevance. Nothing is ever his fault, takes no responsibility whatever for his actions. Just a gutless attention whore more interested in self-promotion and lapping up praise from sycophants than making a genuine contribution to Australian rugby. I suppose Queensland will move heaven and earth to keep him and continue to indulge his every whim, and thus perpetuate his woe-is-me victim attitude. One can only hope he's at least serious about never playing for the Wallabies again; he doesn't deserve to and never did.
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