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Re: will star trek ever return to prime universe?

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I think both the prime and Abramsverse will be gone 10-12 years from now and Trek will be rebooted--cleanly--with someone else in charge.
I really don't like your attitude I find it pessimistic
It's not an attitude at all, it's just being realistic.

Times have changed since Trek was last on the air. Reboots are becoming more and more frequent these days--not just with various properties, but within the various properties. And Star Trek XI did open the door for multiple Trek continuities.
In my opinion, if CBS wants to differentiate a TV series from the movie-verse, mostly not to screw up continuity they should go on with the prime-verse in a potential series.
The main thing with that idea is an assumption that it matters to CBS. Whoever CBS decides on to develop a new Trek series may have no interest whatsoever in keeping either the prime-verse or the Abramsverse, and if they can convince CBS it's the way to go, they'll sign off on it happily enough, IMO.

Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer a return to the prime universe myself (preferrably 25th-Century), but I think a total reboot is more likely in about a dozen years.
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