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Re: Cartoon Network Returning Genre Shows Sat AM

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And now I guess we know why Adi Galia wasn't around in Revenge of the Sith.
Those of you who already knew who Adi Galia was. To me she was just some generic background Jedi that they didn't even bother to give a name to before they killed her off. Sometimes this show tosses in too many obscure characters as Easter eggs for the fans without bothering to consider the more casual viewer who doesn't know the name and life story of every character who was onscreen for five seconds in the background of a movie.

Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
It's amazing they can make something that looks like Clone Wars for Saturday morning fare.
Well, it has been Friday night fare for most of its run, I think. It seems inappropriate, in fact, to schedule such a violent, TV-PG show for 9:30 Saturday morning.

And I doubt anyone else could make a show that looks like this. Lucasfilm has the advantage of being insanely rich and makes this largely with their own money, or so I gather.

cylkoth wrote: View Post
Right after he says, ''Oops, there's a crane diaster''. Carol: Let the other guy handle it..'' Hal: What other guy?!''
I know, I know. But I couldn't help but wonder if she knew about Guy or not. That would've helped sell her position that Hal need not fly off into danger at a moments notice.
But that's not her position. That's the position of a needy, selfish girlfriend who wants Hal to put her above his duties to others, and Carol is better than that. Remember how easily she gave up the Star Sapphire power, and made that speech about how love isn't about possessing someone, but having the strength to put their needs first? Carol's position is that Hal should fly off into danger at a moment's notice because a lot of people need him to, and she doesn't want him to abrogate that responsibility on her account.

Heck, she was probably going to break up with him anyway at dinner. It didn't seem like an impulsive decision to me, but something she'd been thinking about for a while. So she wasn't in the state of mind that would make her ask him to put her over his duty. If anything, she was probably glad to have an excuse to put some distance between them until she had the chance to tell him. (Although breaking up with him over the phone? Not her finest moment.)
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