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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

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Ratings are down, so it's possible this really will be the final season. Jason Segel hasn't sounded like he wants to come back after eight years of playing the same character; I can't say I blame him.
If 'the Muppets' or 'the Five Year Engagment' had been hits he might've walked already. Can't say I would've blamed him either.
I'm pretty sure "The Muppets" was a hit...
It wasn't a flop but it was generally recognized as a "disappointment"
  • the $45 million-dollar-costing Jason Segel-created ‘Muppet’ movie has only grossed an unimpressive $76 million so far in the U.S. Yes, it still has to open up internationally in several markets, but are those audiences going to care? The U.S. is where the ‘Muppets’ should have truly shone, and the fact that the holidays are coming to a close and “The Muppets” hasn’t surpassed the $100 million mark is a very bad sign for a company (Disney) that paid a hefty chunk of change to own the rights to this brand and franchise.

This site indicates it only made about fifty percent over its budget. From what I understand, to be a true "hit," a film has make at least twice its budget.

So, while not a flop, it wasn't really a "hit" either.

and one which Segel himself has gone on record saying he does not want to write or star in.
My point about him walking if Muppets and 5-year engagement had been hits wasn't about him wanting to leave this series to do sequels. It was about the idea that if both films hadn't underperformed, Segel might have had the box office clout to pull a "Hanks" or "Clooney" and leave his series to do films full-time.
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