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Re: Did Kirk captain any ship before Enterprise?

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I'm surprised anyone would think that Enterprise was probably Kirk's first command, or that anyone would prefer to think that.
It's not that big of a stretch, given all the other more outlandish things that happens in Trek.
That implies that, absent any solid evidence, something "outlandish" is equally as likely as any other possibility.
Nope. It just implies that there are far more incredible things that happens in Trek that nobody even blinks at.
I disagree, and would say that authorial intent (TMoST), internal reference (WNMHGB), historical precedents, the prestige and status of Enterprise's class ("Court Martial," "Tomorrow Is Yesterday," "Bread and Circuses"), and the obvious desire of Starfleet to have its best officers commanding its smaller vessels as well as large all combine to make a stronger case for Kirk having commanded a ship before Enterprise than not.
I don't think any of that rules out the possibility, though. Sure, it's open to interpretation, but more than one way of looking at it is really my point.
For all we know, a senior admiral of his acquaintance may have recommended him or even wrote the orders for him to take command.
Yes, Starfleet may have reverted to personnel practices that were already discredited in the 1700s, but it doesn't seem likely.
I'm not talking about something done solely out of a personal friendship, but rather a situation where an admiral who is familiar and/or impressed with the service record of a specific officer and assigns him or her command of a vessel (I think that's what happened when Admiral Satie assigned Picard command of the Enterprise-D).
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