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Re: Warp Drive May Be More Feasible Than Thought, Scientists Say

I'm thinking that real warp travel if we ever have it will use beamed energy propulsion.

Now wait, you say--the beam can only travel at lightspeed. True enough--but an intersection point between two beams?

An example take a solar system wide Marquee sign. You have a wide array of lights. Each vertical bank of vertically stacked lights is about 1 AU apart from the next bank. Now if you have one bank of lights turn on after they 'see' the previous bank of lights turn off--well, there's your light delay. Now, if one bank of lights is pre-programmed to turn on right after after the previous one turns off--that's fine.

From a distance, you have a pattern of 'off' lights that races across the array at FTL speeds--even thought the light from each bank is only at c.

Patterns, like warps, can be most any speed:

Now IIRC, the small perturbation they want to create--a mini warp--uses a laser beam. But what if you use two beams and have the intersection point be where the warp ship enters--and rides a warp along an intersection point. So you fire the laser beams ahead of time before adjusting the beam intersection point.

Now I was reading about deep space mission to the solar foci. After a time, you don't get a focal point--but a focal line.

These two techniques might be useful in some way:

Maybe if one could cloak the mass of the craft's Higgs field--it could then ride the intersection point perhaps:

Aridas own ring shaped impeller/subspace catapault/gateway station design may also play a part in bootstrapping outward.

The warp ship is going to eat power, and I seem to remember hearing that a craft cannot generate its own warp bubble--so there are problems:
But that does seem to release a lot of energy too--but first, you have to have that energy...

Aridas own ring shaped impeller/subspace catapault/gateway station design may also play a part in bootstrapping outward.

In other words, I don't think you can have a ship turn on it's own warp drive and go where it wants. You are going to have to have some in-space infrastructure--and a lot of it--Babylon % gate style I would think.

Take a look at this:
Felber's "analysis found that a mass moving faster than 57.7 percent of the speed of light will gravitationally repel other masses lying within a narrow "antigravity beam" in front of it. The closer a mass gets to the speed of light, the stronger this antigravity beam becomes. Thus, the forward antigravity field of a suitably heavy and fast mass might be used to propel a payload from rest to relativistic speeds."

You might need a run and go to enter the warp?

Maybe warp messaging can come first
For any intersteller com--you are probably going to need a huge dish:

There is just no way around lobbing tons of massive infrastructure to space. We are going to have to get used to that.

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