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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

Great opening - my kind of show, with a good cheer/laugh going into the titles. Great location shooting! Very un-Cardiff.

What's with Matt Smith's walk in NY? He's fucking channeling Norman Wisdom...

Hm, logical. This episode's very well constructed. No tears - they're trying too hard and I'm just admiring it rather than feeling it. Pretty much what I thought would happen. Would have been tear-jerking if they hadn't bigged up that it was supposed to be tear-jerking, if you see what I mean. Would have worked better as a surprise emotion thing.

Cool ending, nice closure and wrap-up. Great sequel to Blink too. The big girl was underused... *Really* didn't need the foreshadowing and stage-managed hype among the fan networks, though that didn't hurt this episode as much as it hurt Asylum IMO...

Easily Moffat's best since season 5 - none of his season 6 stuff was this good. Rory was especially great. I wonder what the Doc will tell Brian...

A couple of minor niggles - The Doctor says he can never take the TARDIS back to NY, then does so about 30 seconds later. This also means that the whole "can never see each other again" is bollocks. I bet they'll be back for the 50th.

Oh, and Grayle was just Van Statten with the serial numbers filed off.
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