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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

If I were in Tensai's shoes, I'd do everything possible to get out of my WWE contract and take the first ticket back to Japan. It's absolutely shameful how he has been treated since his return. He has now been demoted to jobbing to Santino Marella at house shows.

WWE is completely to blame for this. They gave him a shit gimmick, booked him to debut with minimal impact (the monster heel demolishing lower card workers, is outdated) and then gave up on his push when he didn't immediately get over in the way that was apparently expected.

Part of the reason that Tensai was so successful in Japan, was because he was booked to compete in incredibly physical matches, where he would dominate but not annihilate, so the babyface could still make a believable comeback and take the victory. Tensai filled that void that Vader vacated in Puroresu. He is a truly exceptional performer when booked effectively, with the intention of both wrestlers getting over and not just John Cena or Sheamus.
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