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Been kind of expecting something like this for a couple of weeks:


I hate when I make mistakes and I think I've made a big one in putting you all onto the Space Command Project. Although it appears to be a going project, it is not what it was sold as. I think the problem is that it raised almost three times what its Kickstarter goal was and the money went to Marc Zicree's head. He's been changing what Space Command is and some of the best people have already left the project because of it.

Several people have told me that Zicree purposefully misled them to keep them on long enough to close the deal. As I understand it Doug Drexler came up with the original idea, but when Zicree's script was written, it pretty much ignored everything they had planned together. The main reason I got so excited about this project in the first place was becasue Doug, a talented and experienced VFX Supervisor, was on board. Doug has since left the crew over disagreements with Zicree surrounding the changes in direction and a fair amount of dishonesty...
Some of this is probably overstated. There are several responses to the piece at the link as well, including one from Doug Drexler.
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