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Re: Which one is your favorite Star Trek Movie?

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1. Wrath of Khan...hard to argue with that one at times.
2. First me it seemed much more epic and at the end of Generations, I knew they had to do one with the Borg, so my excitement was a build up of 2 years worth of waiting and wanting.
3. Star Trek...I wish I had given it a chance when it came out so I could have watched it on the big screen, but I was so frustrated and tired of Trek after having watched Nemesis.
4. The Undiscovered Country...A great send off for all. Would have been much more entertaining and interesting for me had Saavik been the traitor instead of Valeris.
5. Generations...To me it was a better movie than most people give it credit for. To this day, I enjoy the movie from the beginning until the saucer section crash lands, then I turn it off. I just ignore common sense and the nexus.
6. Nemesis...again, for me, better than most people give it credit for, but I really didn't care for the clone crap, nor the B-4 hook.
7. The Motion Picture...I love the Klingon chime and the V'ger music, not to mention Persis khambatta (even at my tender age of 5 at the time), God rest her soul.
8. The search for Spock. I was disappointed by it after having watched TWOK, but brought back Spock.
9. The Voyage Home. I'm one of the of the rare that didn't care that much for it. It had funny moments, but I hated the whale sound of that thing flying thru space.
10. The Final Frontier...Just didn't do it for me.
11. Insurrection...why don't I just pop in a DVD and watch Time's Arrow....or Best of Both Worlds for a TNG episode that's much better than this?
I almost agree with the order of this list but i'd make FC number 1 and TWOK number 2
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