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Re: TOS Revisited - New Revelations

I can't help but to wonder if streaming will ultimately wind up being the death of both the DVD disc and BluRay disc technologies. I am uncomfortable with that prospect. I strongly suspect the shift away from disc-based player technology will ultimately not be in the general public's best interest.

My DSL connection here isn't ideal for HD movies; I downloaded an HD movie through iTunes a couple weeks ago, and it took half and hour.

Having said all that, I do occasionally visit and watch their low-res, pre-remastered eps of TOS. I find that, in most cases, even with the "original" FX, TOS is timeless and shines with brilliance. Having said that, I caught most of the TOS-R epsa few years ago before took them down, and I feel that, at least half of the time, the remastering provided visible improvements to the visuals. One thing I do not like about TOS-R is the new theme music they shoehorned into the opening titles. It's too jarring.
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