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Squiggy: Love the wedding photos. Well done!

Kira's Mom: Those are awesome!

TheSeeker: Your daughter is probably the luckiest kid in the world. I hope that when I'm a dad someday, I'll be half as good at it as you obviously are. I know she does and will continue to appreciate it, but I wanted to make sure to say so too.

Here's a photo of me with some friends at ABC's Fall Premiere festival last week:

The week before, I met up with Sheniferous and Top41 for drinks in North Hollywood:

^I went for a walk a few weeks ago and snapped this of my shadow. I can't recall if I added a filter through Instagram or not, but I probably did.

My default drawing for "LASER."

Lastly, a crappy iPhone photo my friend took of entire family at my sister's wedding in July:

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