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Things found in your kitchen.

Apparently some people don't own a pizza-slicer and other people have several different types ranging from cheap over professional to only used when eating pizza with trekkies.

Made me wonder... Which other weird, totally useless/profoundly useful, strange, never used or even daily used drawer/cupboard fillers do you have.

I'll start this with my lemon-squeesers:

Up until I was forty I'd always just used the hand and fork method when needing lemon juice. I then inherited a pressed uranium-glass lemon squeeser (and a couple of lemon vedge-squeesers which I've never used) and recently I bought a pair of cheap plastic lemon squeeser-thongs (which I rarely use; I rarely need so much juice that I can't just use the glass-one).

How about you? Do you have an apple-peeler, a cherry de-stoner, a garlic-peeler, a mandolin, corn cub peeler/holders, egg-slicer, cheese slicer, tomato cutter, banana box, wine thermometer, lid-unscrewing gadget or any other, not entirely 'normal', non-electric gizmo in your kitchen?

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