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Re: OT: The New Haven Chronciles WIP thread

I suppose that's one way to explain it. The real reason is that the original graphic I found online to base the solar system on, was created while Pluto was still a when I drew the solar system, I never bothered to correct the mistake. I'd like to redraw the logo at some point, because I'm not happy with the spacing of the rope, so if/when that happens I'll likely correct the problem.

So enough logos. Here's something decidedly more military in nature: The AR-558 Weapon Systems Block II Carbine...though interestingly enough, I just now noticed this uses a fourth variant of the SOLCOMM logo.

This is an ongoing WIP and has seen more revisions and changes than almost any other design in the entire series. There are a number of points on the graphic that are inaccurate and will be changed. At this point, the page is merely designed to show what direction the design of the weapon is taking. The overall graphic (inspired by the m4-sopmod poster) is far from complete.
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