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Re: 2012 Rugby Championship thread

Disaster at Pretoria for the Wallabies is probably the best you can say about what just happened. 31 - 8, 5 tries to 1 and the Wallabies never looked in it. Add to a lackluster display was the terrible injury toll. They lost Barnes (chest injury) and AAC (concussion) before the end of the first half and then it got worse after the half time break. Samo (shoulder), Ioane (knee), Alexander (back complaint) and finally Polota-Nau (concussed) and the Wallabies ran out of allowable subs, which is a rule I didn't know. A team can only make 7 replacements and add to that list the prop rotation we've seen in this series, when Polota-Nau went off and they weren't allowed to replace him, so they had to play the last 9 minutes with 14 men. It didn't make much difference, the game was well gone, but it looked a shambles.

I forgot to mention that Slipper was sin binned in the second half as well, so the Wallabies played 19 mins with a man down and I'm pretty sure that the Boks 3 second half tries all came in this period. In the professional era you're no hope if you a man down for a 1/4 of the match. That said, the Wallabies didn't look in it when they had 15 on. You might think that with all that the margin wasn't that bad, but it was flattering. The Boks were let down by very poor goal kicking and had 3 line ball tries disallowed. Really they should have put 50 on the Wallabies.

Cooper will probably have a smile on his face at this result, if he bothered to watch the game and not go out clubbing. I really don't have the energy right now to go deeply into his antics in the last week, but to say that I'd be more willing to take his claims seriously if he at least displayed a modicum of personal accountability towards his play and form instead of saying its all the Wallabies' fault.

The question is now not if the Wallabies can beat the Pumas in Arg, but if they'll even be able to field a team...
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