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Re: Are vulcans biologically smarter than humans?

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I see a question with no provable answer that is basically turning into a debate over who likes what race better.
Okay, sorry you see it that way. But like most things on a trek discussion forum, it was to solicit fan opinions. I understand there's no provable answer, as we neither have access to vulcan IQ tests nor is anyone here a writer of in-canon universe stories. Thanks for chiming in though.
Well, actually we do have something to go by: the "school" tests in nuTrek.

We have a way of comparison, just take a look at how today's IQ test are set up. If humans and Vulcans were to take them the result would be Augment IQ > Vulcan IQ > Human IQ.

Given that humans always - as far as we know - over took the Vulcans in the development department, we could say that the humans are perhaps more creative then Vulcans. Vulcan can remember more - which should be an positive (in the future you need a greater mix of knowledge to come to new idea - at least according to a theory I read somewhere), but it is not seen anywhere.

Perhaps the answer is this (I will use IQ as an example) Vulcans are 120+/-5 to human 100+/-40. So humans have a higher chance of a genius, or an idiot at the other hand, then Vulcans. And if you calculate in the population, humans have an advantage.
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