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Sorry, but I'm sick of the Geordi bashing/Scotty adulation that always comes up when this episode is mentioned.

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Scotty = Captain, LaForge = Lt. Cmdr.
memory-alpha wrote:
Captain Picard greets Scott in sickbay and is surprised that he was on board the Jenolan, as the engineer wasn't listed in the crew manifest. However, Scott explains that he was traveling aboard the Jenolan as a passenger to the Norpin colony on Norpin V to enjoy his retirement.
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So at the very least LaForge should have treated Scotty with the respect his rank deserved.
Even though he was busy, Geordi let Scotty stay in engineering which is a restricted area, after one of his staff was about to show him the exit. That's not respectful?


As far as how 250 million planets worth of people just up and moved, that's a mystery indeed. That's like billions of really large transports, but if that port the Enterprise went through is typical, the transports couldn't have been that big.
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