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Re: Cartoon Network Returning Genre Shows Sat AM

^Re:Ominverse. This was my first sampling, and I agree-the flashback was pointless (and already tiring). So, we see him encounter an alien during his younger escapades that shows up in the present day. It didn't really add anything that the present day storyline couldn't have shown.

Clone Wars-The Bros never held my interest in the first place, so having the premiere focused on them made this a bit of a downer for me. I was hoping they'd both be crushed and we wouldn't have to deal with them again. No such luck. And more insane power levels on display. Instead of force pushing a starship over, why not just 'fly' yourself off at high speed to your shuttle-two people weigh less than a Jedi ship! He most likely felt the need for a barricade against the pirate's weapons fire, but the continuing issues of just how powerful a force user can be when the script demands a cool visual is getting annoying.

Green Lantern-I was a bit confused on how long Guy's been a Lantern. Wouldn't Carol have known about another GL flying around, and mentioned it to Hal? Since the Guardians were so enamored with Guy, that suggests he's been a GL for a pretty significant period while Jordan was away.
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