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Re: Cartoon Network Returning Genre Shows Sat AM

Still bored by Omniverse. Are they just going to open every episode with a flashback to young Ben and never connect it to older Ben? That seems like it's just pandering to nostalgia, and it's a pretty awkward format. And it's getting tiresome that Ben's new Omnitrix never gives him the alien he selects. That gag was severely overused years ago, and now it's the only thing they're doing.

Clone Wars didn't interest me much either. This is the best they can do with Maul and Oppress? Some mucking about with pirates? Although I guess the idea was to set up the thread that the criminal underworld has been running amuck with the Jedi distracted by war, and that feels like it's going to be the focus of the season.

Green Lantern was okay. Diedrich Bader was fun as Guy Gardner, and I'm glad that they've finally started to populate the Earth scenes with a few people. It was ridiculous last season when Hal got sent back to Earth and he and Carol were the only people around. But I guess we still won't be seeing Earth too often, given Hal's new assignment.

Young Justice was excellent. I wish I'd had time to review my DVRed episodes and refresh my memory about the storyline to date, but once I got caught up, it turned out pretty well. It bothers me that Speedy defaulted so readily to attempted murder; I would've hoped Ollie would've raised him better than that. And he was appeased somewhat too easily in the wake of that. But it was cool to see a Greg Weisman-written Lex Luthor basically channeling Gargoyles's David Xanatos, and at one point directly quoting him: "Revenge is a sucker's game."
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