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Re: Haven: Season Three (Discussion, Spoilers)

So I watched the first two episodes last night.

The UFO one was pretty good. I'm very curious to see who is after Audrey. The whole "Colorado Kid" thing...I had completely forgotten!

The dog one was okay. The scene where he's apologizing to the man/dog in the woods was sort of unintentionally funny.

Anyway, as I was watching last night, my 9 year old son wandered in. He doesn't watch the show but has picked up bits here and there just from it being on. He asked me about Duke, specifically, if Duke was "troubled". I told him in a way, yes. I explained his curse/burden/trouble whatever you want to call it is that he can cure the troubles in an entire family forever, but he has to kill one of them to do it. I told him this was quite a tough thing to bear.

So my son sat there for a second, and then said "He could just kill someone in his own family, and then he'd be cured, right?"

I don't know if Duke has any living relatives, but I thought that was pretty damn smart, for a 9 year old.

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