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Re: OT: The New Haven Chronciles WIP thread

That sounds interesting and there might be some use for that, but it would ultimately be defeated or at least combated by any vehicle that uses a sensor other than infrared. All it's doing is masking it's thermal signature, which if adapted to a soldier level could come in handy but for larger vehicles which are giving off a host of EM signatures to say nothing of still showing up on visual cameras as well as Radar or're not really hiding at all.

My point about stealth was mainly aimed at ships in space, to overcome the trope of sneaking up unseen on any enemy for a surprise attack. In space, there's no hiding once you ignite your fusion engines. You engine output will light you up like a nuclear bomb going off.

Here's some more art:
Three versions of the United Nations Solar Command Logo:

The Velos Corporation was a significant member of the Alliance until the start of the war, an attack on the UN Lunar Shipyards and Lunar Colony, killed a large number of civilians. Rather than continuing to support the Alliance, they withdrew their membership and declared their neutrality in the conflict.

Prior to the start of the war, they served as a major defense contractor to the UN, supplying much of the war machine that the UN now uses to combat the Alliance. Their own fledgling military is small, but highly advanced.

The Corporate Alliance, consisting of eleven Solar Corporations (a Solar Corporation is any corporation that can sustain itself independently from Earth), ranging from fuel and food production to advanced technology development and military private contractors.

Next time, something more interesting than logos and maps. lol
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