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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

Also, can I just point out the tagline in that poster for the film, "Hunted by your Future. Haunted by your past." makes no sense and has zero relevance to the plot? OldJoe was certainly not hunting YoungJoe, the complete opposite. And Old Joe wasn't haunted by his past, if anything he was trying to make sure it happened exactly the same way.

In the end I've gone for average. After sleeping on it, the end didn't have much weight too it for my liking, The rainmaker in the future was just there and we never saw his true horror, and the whole thing was essentially a predestination paradox which makes no sense because the paradox was "fixed" before it ever happened in a way, so yeah.

Pointless complexity gives the illusion of substance to a pretty wafer thin love story between JGL and Emily Blunt. It's OK, but I wouldn't call it this generations Blade Runner like I've seen people say. If anything, it's annoying average.
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