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New PR game for iOS devices.

It turns out The Incredible Hulk isn't the only superhero borrowing a few moves from the Infinity Blade series. Saban Brands recently gave us a hands-on demo of their upcoming free-to-play action game Power Rangers Legends, which combines a familiar swipe-based fighting mechanic with characters from the show's 20-year history.

Power Rangers Legends uses the Unity 3D Engine, like Avengers Initiative, but the build we saw seemed a bit early and rough. While the Power Rangers themselves looked fairly detailed, a few of the enemies were missing textures. Plus, the game consists solely of a series of one-on-one fights in a central location, without any of the modest exploration of Avengers Initiative or the Infinity Blade games. Since this is a free download, and one geared towards kids, you might want to keep your expectations low.
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