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TNG episodes that would've been interesting to see on TOS

Not sure why but I was thinking recently of how some TNG storylines would've worked on the original series and (effects aside) how well they would've turned out:

The Drumhead: Okay, the late 60's wasn't quite as paranoid as the early 50's had been, still a story of an accident turned witch-hunt would've been rather timely back then. It's hard to imagine an episode where Kirk doesn't get in a fist fight with someone. It might've been a bit harder to take that whole "the chain is forged" speech coming out of Shatner than Patrick Stewart. Satie would probably be a man, since most people probably wouldn't buy a female admiral (even one as sketchy as her). J'Dan would probably be some other species, and Simon Tarses' ancestry would probably be some other species (Klingon perhaps? The smooth foreheads make it doable).

The Wounded: I can only imagine what Cardassian prosthetics might've looked like, but the tensions between the Feds and an old enemy, plus a respected capain gone rogue could've worked. I could see Scotty in the O'Brien role, talking his old captain down.

Q Who and The Best of Both Worlds: Suppose Trelane or some other powerful being flung the Enterrpise towards that first cube? I would imagine the idea of some half man/half machine race coming to get you would've been just as unsettling in the 60's. Only thing is there'd be no character like Guinan to be familiar with them. As for the cliff hanger, could they have assimilated Kirk and had Spock give the order to fire? I can already imagine McCoy berating him for that. What if it were Spock, instead and Kirk had to give that order, hmmm? Only thing is I can't, for the life of me, picture a character like Shelby on the original series. (Oh, and no Data might complicate things, unless Spock did a mind meld).

Any others?
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